Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Today's anxieties: bike parking, anemia, flab.

Today, I rode down to PNC Park after work to attempt to donate blood. Upon arrival, there's no bike racks on the street... the closest one is way around the corner near the river. A remote, dark place. I can't leave Ruby there!

Where are the bike racks?

I'm not going to hook up to a tree, being a treehugger and all. I attempted to lock to this fence and it took a great deal of grunting and pushing to get the u-lock hooked up.

Hooking to this fence was a battle.

The blood donation was just as frustrating: again, I came up short on the iron count by one point. They sent me packing. Oh, time to go for a ride! I went to the edge of the Strip trail to see if it was open yet and it's still closed. For all my minor frustrations on this evening ride, this absolutely breathtaking sunset was my reward.

Today, Fatcycyclist announced the start of the Beeminder contest.
I've done nothing in the way of weight loss in the past month... noth-ing. I need to ramp it up.

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