Saturday, December 21, 2013

A bike fitting

I'll admit, I had no idea what a bike fitting even was until it was explained to me. I thought it was used in the purchase of a new bike. *shrug* Having discovered that it was mainly used to tweak issues riders are having with a current bike I thought this was right up my alley in regards to my Cannondale. I'd eliminated my saddle issues on my own but I was still having minor neck, wrist and elbow issues.

So, it was suggested to raise my seatpost and my fitter took issue with the angle I had my saddle. Huh? I'd just fixed that! I really liked the angle of my saddle! I had to get over my reluctance to discuss why I liked it at that angle with a virtual stranger. Deal with it, this guy's a professional, he's heard this probably a hundred times or more. The angle he readjusted it to was not going to work: ouch. Another readjustment and two different saddles later, my girly bits weren't quite so angry with me.

On to the handlebars: he gave me new grips, these... I loved! Just gripping the handlebars differently made a world of difference to my arthritic wrists and elbows. The downside was that I'd lost my rear-view mirror, it couldn't be used with these grips. Boooo.

I'm due to go back for a shorter stem that wasn't in stock.

This was a great experience overall. Much was learned.

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