Friday, December 13, 2013

Here comes the rain again (I wish).

Following suit of the adorable Santa hat bike helmet that S is sporting, I decided that the seldom used antlers that we'd bought for our dogs to torture with every season would be put to better use in this manner:

 I was told by Craig on a visit to Bicycle Heaven that I might be confused for a deer and shot. My dogs are very glad I found a different use for their antlers.

My co-workers are organizing a intervention after watching me go out to bike in 16 degree weather with 5 degree windchills. I believe I heard the terms 'wackadoodle' and 'batshit' used to describe my interest in riding on the cold days this week. Frankly, it isn't all that bad when you're properly dressed. The sun is shining, it's a gorgeous, cold day: get outside!

Tonight, when we returned home, this was waiting for me:

Look, they put a bow on it!

*SQUEAL* It's reflective!!

This baby will be great for looking dry and stylish not only on my bike, but at the many Pirates games that we sit through hours and hours of rain delays.

So, when's the next rain due? *checks weather report* Phooey, I might not be using my coveted new Houndstooth Cleverhood until next year!

Bike comparisons:

I'm noticing I had a mild case case of 'jello legs' everyday this week. I rode the Cannondale everyday except one. A friend pointed out (wow, with diagrams, no less!) to me the different crank position of the Cannondale vs the crank-forward design of the Monster.

Hills are easier on the Cannondale. I must be using a whole bunch of new and unused leg muscles, or just using them differently. When I was researching crank-forward uprights before I made a purchase, I vaguely recall reading that hills would be more difficult on an upright. Hey, whaddya know, they were right.

YTD Miles: 530
BMI: 25.3

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  1. wow, a CleverHood. Excellent choice! I don't know anybody who's used one - so I look forward to your report. I love the reflectivity.


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