Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sunrise, Toynbee Tiles and flashes of orange

 It was a gorgeous morning, so I decided to take the silver bike down to Point State Park for my final opportunity to get shots of the tree lit with a stunning sunrise.

Hurry and get over there before they switch off the tree!

They turned the lights off right after I got this shot.

The moon made an appearance too.

 Then, it was off to see if I could get some shots of 2 of the remaining Toynbee Tiles. When I first moved to Pittsburgh, I remember being very curious about them. These were pre-Internet days and research was difficult until I found websites about them years later. Many of the originals are gone, but a Toynbee culture still exists in Philadelphia.

Later in the day on my lunch hour, I ran into E and S again and was delighted to have some company and conversation.

I love her Santa hat bike helmet.

YTD Miles: 554
BMI: 25.3


  1. Have you seen the downtown Toynbee Tile with the woman's leg framing the tile?

  2. There's one pair of small legs on the one at Oliver, but I think I remember one with two sets of legs further down Smithfield. Maybe I'm thinking of this one: I wonder if it's still there...


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