Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dude, you just *don't* grab a woman's antlers.

I worked a few hours at the office before setting off with the intentions of doing some Hades Tiles searching. It was raining hard and was set to do so all day long. This was a great day to test out my new Cleverhood and Leggits. I ran into my supervisor's spouse and a friend of his who were tailgaiting in the parking lot before the Steeler's Game. They were sure the Leggits were boots until I told them otherwise.

I found one Hades Tile here at Boulevard of the Allies and Wood.

This guy doesn't like the media, I'm guessing.

 I quickly discovered that trying to find Hades tiles in the rain was a bust. Every time I'd get off the bike to shoot a tile, my saddle and hands would get wet, not to mention my phone. I preferred to do this with the good camera anyway. So, I abandoned my plans and decided to head to the Pump House and Kennywood. This was just beyond my 'furthest point reached' so far with my trip to the Waterfront on Christmas.

I stopped at REI for a bathroom break and to look at waterproof gloves. The mittens I had with me were drenched already. I found a pair of lobster gloves on sale and finally got a membership.
I'm not wearing pantaloons, honestly.

I made it to the pump house and decided to turn around. I was tiring of the sloggy soft trail and being wet and covered in limestone sludge. I was having a hard time drying my hands before putting them back into my new gloves. I was also hungry and thirsty.

Vannevar's hype about the oatmeal at Big Dog didn't go unnoticed and I headed there in hopes that I'd catch it before it was too late. 20 minutes too late. I got a latte and undoubtedly annoyed the staff by coming in considerably wet. I tipped like a madwoman to compensate.

The Steeler's game was letting out by the time I got back over by Point State Park. One particularly inebriated gentleman decided he'd try and grab my antlers as I rode by. He got pretty close with his lunge and may have knocked me off my bike if I wasn't lucky. Asshat.
I stayed on the streets to avoid more asshattery. As I rode through the crowds, many more drunk asshats hooted and screeched with vigor at my antlers. Thankfully, they were on the sidewalks and I was out of grabbing range.

The brigade of asshats approaches.

About to lunge at my antlers.

The pedicabs were the only other cyclists I saw today save one woman all geared up in spandex and cat-6-ing me on the EFT. You go girl. She didn't have ANY raingear on. I also saw one older gentleman in a recumbent near the Eagles' nest.

I collected hubby and we went to Nu for matzo ball soup. I avoid the broth. Hmm, we *drove* there. Maybe this can count for Soupaneuring 4.5? We also got latkes; I got an eggplant/beet-pickled egg pita thing that was fabulous. Hubby got a brisket on rye. The latkes were fan-freaking-tastic. The restaurant is really cramped though... and a tad pricey.

Hubby demolished one of the balls before I could get the phone out.

 The Cleverhood and leggits did very well. The spats are covered in tons of road grime now, but my feet were dry.

My hair didn't holdup very well though. The back of my neck was wet and my hair was a frizzy, moist tumbleweed. I must have let the hood drip water back there when I took the hood down at several points. I had to re-iron my hair to get the frizzy/wavy out.

A fun day. 23 miles, a new record.

YTD Miles: 607
BMI: 25.7

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