Monday, December 30, 2013

Down with the Sickness

Monday brought a close encounter with a car on the trail.

Some Dead End and/or Authorized Vehicles Only signs are sorely needed there at the end of Kroll Drive, there must be GPS devices directing motorists to drive on the trail, I see MANY drivers lost on this portion of the trail. They normally yield to cyclists and ask me how to get where they want to go. This guy wasn't interested in hitting the brakes in order to avoid hitting me.

When we got home, this was waiting for me, all the way from Latvia:

 It's a red waterproof basket cover! I really could have used this yesterday.

The sickness.

I've discovered I have a sickness; I love riding in the cold. I love it more than an 80 degree day. On warm days, I sweat and it's evident. I'm hot and woozy. I get a headache. On a few occasions, on very hot days my nose bled. I get a disturbingly red face, but I think that's some Irish genetic thing. Irish folk get red in the face from many things: drinking, hard labor, the sun, politicking, embarrassment... sometimes the politicking and embarrassment go hand-in-hand.
The heat will keep me indoors, it seems the cold doesn't. Hubby was telling me that the temperature on an upcoming day would be in the single digits. I said "Yes!"
What the heck is wrong with me?

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  1. It's not a bug it's a feature! In August you can't take action and make yourself cooler, but in January you can put on wool or turn ^up^ a hill and make yourself warmer. In winter, if you get too warm you just unzip something. Once you've got the equipment, Cold is not a Cancellation. On another topic, too bad you've named the silver bike, given your post I might have suggested Silver Sanguinary.


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