Wednesday, December 18, 2013


In my ongoing quest to never let the weather keep me from a ride, I plan on pairing my Cleverhood with these gaiters

 This is the nice image from their website:
Geez, they're cute!

I ordered a size larger than what I normally wear, a Euro 38, so I got a 39-40.

They arrived FAST for coming from Ireland, just 4 business days. Wow.

After much wrestling, I was able to get them over my sneakers and freakishly large calves.

I've still got them on while I'm working on this post, maybe 15 minutes and my feet are toasty.

Not as cute as the models, but it'll do.

Seriously, when's it going to rain?

YTD Miles: 546
BMI: 25.3


2015  update: I've not used these after a few uses, they're a pain to put on and take off.

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