Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The stranger's glove and improvised socks

The morning after my first group ride, I'd vowed to train myself on hills. I went in extra early, got into my cold weather layers and discovered I'd left my gloves and rain jacket in the other car. How could I ride in 36 degree weather glove-less? I improvised: socks.
The socks weren't protecting very much as I discovered as I got up to speed. But I spotted something on the ground in our parking lot, a lone glove. No, don't do it! You don't know where that glove's been! Are you kidding me? Are you really considering this? What is wrong with you?
My cold hands argued: But, it looks clean, newish...it's a nice brand too...and it's right in a parking stall in a spot where it was probably dropped by another tenant when they were getting into or out of their car. Just do it and wash your hands afterwards!

So, I went on my way with one glove and two socks on the other hand. No excuses.

I went seeking a hill. I found one that would challenge me, I could ride up and down it repeatedly, working on my endurance without anyone to hear my labored breathing.

The winter would be a perfect time to do this... unless it was icy.

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