Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Snow Ride

 I started early hoping to beat the snow that was forecast, about 8:45. I should have started earlier. The temperature was 21 with windchills in the teens.

Here's some graffiti reflecting the love/hate relationship with my bike.
The seat nose adjustment made to the bike made a considerable difference, but I still feel like I want the handlebars in a different position. Higher perhaps?

But, I don't want to walk my bike!

7 miles out and I wanted to keep going. Much snow had fallen and there was about a inch accumulated on top of the crunchy older snow.  I decided to turn around at this bridge in Cecil.

 On the way back, I noticed an old gas station with some vintage pumps that were yearning for a photo opportunity.

Fill 'er up, please.

Note the difference in the trail on my way out vs. on the way back:

I heard and saw many species of bird: nuthatches, flickers, downies, wrens, jays, red-tailed hawks, chickadees, cardinals and white-throated sparrows.

On my way out, I noticed one very slick icy patch while going down a hill. I carefully avoided it. On my return in granny gear back up the hill, everything was covered in new snow. I wondered where the icy patch was, and then I saw the fresh footprints of a trail walker under me, they suddenly turned into 'swishes' rather than crisp footprints. 
Then this happened:

When I started out this morning, I knew there was a strong possibility that I might take a spill. I had in my head the advice of other cyclists when it comes to falling: 'Just let it happen, don't fight it'. I did just that and nothing was broken, ripped out of a socket or bruised. I don't even feel the tensing of muscles after taking a fall.

I'm still going to take one of those super hot showers that are good for loosening up muscles.

YTD Miles: 498
BMI: 25.3

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  1. Very very impressive! Both from a Rule9 perspective, and also that you took a photo when horizontal. Very Nicely done. Congrats on the cusp of 500 miles.


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