Friday, December 27, 2013

More Toynbee tile discoveries!

I went for a ride on my lunch hour today and was forced to take the roads because snow and ice still made the trails treacherous. I found 3 more Hades/Toynbee tiles at the corner of the Boulevard of the Allies and Market Streets.

Two, right next to one another!

I need to get better closeups of the text. I can't read that either.

This was right across the intersection, closer to Market Square. Those are pennies embedded in there.

Now, I'm fixated on finding all of the new Hades tiles. I'll have to grid-ride all of Downtown to accomplish this. It may be best to do this on a Sunday when there's less traffic. I found myself paying more attention to the ground and not enough to my surroundings.

Happy dance: I can use my raincape and leggits soon!

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  1. Very nice re the Toynbee Tiles. Celebrating the possibility of rainy riding is a bit of a niche, shows you're a BadAss.


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