Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hill climbing to Soupaneuring 5.5

Hubby and I made a compromise today. He wanted to drag me all over the city (in a car), go shopping, have lunch, do some more shopping... *YAWN*
I can't lament these things to other women, they give me an evil look and tell me how lucky I am to have a husband who wants to take me out to eat and shopping. They then tell me how awful it is to have a spouse who lies on the couch, drinking beer, passing gas and watching football and refuses to go anywhere with them. OK, that does sound like it sucks, but I'd rather ride my bike than drive to all these places.
The compromise was that I would ride my bike there, hubby would meet me there in the car. We'd shop separately. He was happy, I was happy. This was a good way to start the new year: happy.

I actually bumped into him at Marty's Market on my way through the Strip and said a brief hello before I was on my way again.

I took this opportunity to take the new Bike Boulevard there. It was hilly, and I did a fair amount of heavy breathing, but it wasn't as bad as if I were riding the Monster. It didn't give me mental scars.

It was snow-squalling on my way up Gold Way and left a layer of snow on my bike while we ate. I got egg dosa and it comes with sambar... I got insanely sick the last time I had the sambar there. So, I gave my nuclear/toxic sambar to my lunchmate. Maybe this will count for #soupaneuring 5.5? Again, I'm bending and breaking rules! However, I'm riding my bike, soup is involved and I'm feeling very good about it. I'll be having a safe miso later tonight at our Eve dinner at the only Chinese restaurant I've found where the staff understands English very well and is very concerned about my MSG allergy. They go out of their way to make sure everything I get is MSG-free.

I had to get a shot of Immaculate Heart on my way through Polish Hill.

Stikman resides at Liberty, Garrison and 7th.
 On my way back through Downtown, I found a Stikman tile. These fall into the Toynbee/Hades guerrilla art category: a spectacular find as they're hard to distinguish from a random piece of paper on the street. It was about the size of a dollar bill. I'm surprised I even noticed it because traffic was VERY thick with the FirstNight street closures and I was paying close attention to the vehicles.

I was finally able to get Ruby back into the bike racks at our building, for the past week and a half they were blocked by copy machines and huge palates of recycling. I'm glad to see we have access to the bikes again. She had been parked in my office, next to my desk for the time being, which I liked to be honest. I parked Ruby and took the Monster and hooked her up to the rack to be taken back home and resigned to light Montour duty. Ruby was going to be my everyday bike from now on.

Here's Ruby, all reflective n'at.

The Monster came home with me and she managed to stay on the rack.

I bought beets in the Strip on my way back with intentions of making a beet soup, which I've never tried. A new soup! This will be a true #soupaneuring adventure.

2013 Miles: 623
BMI 25.5

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