Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lightweights Flex Tape

I purchased this Lightweights Flex Tape heat transfer reflective tape some time ago and haven't gotten around to working with it until tonight. I'm allergic to my ironing board, so this wasn't a project I was enthusiastic about undertaking.

I tested out a few pieces on a cheap hi-viz orange jacket that needed some reflectivity.

It was surprisingly easy to use.

Presto! Slow Vehicle Triangle thingy:

I decided to add reflective tape to my gaiters too:

I'll be interested to see how well the tape stays on the gaiters, they take a lot of abuse and washings.

UPDATE: 2 weeks of use/abuse and one wash and trip through the dryer.

I see some cracking on the gaiter, but it seems to be holding up overall and still reflective.

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