Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Long johns, long shadows and tofu juice soup.

I can never seem to make it to Point State Park before they turn off the Christmas tree lights. I'm there at the crack of dawn, literally... and the lights have just been clicked off. So these shots of the sun coming up with interesting long shadows are my reward for a ride in brutally cold temperatures. 

I took the Cannondale instead. It's remarkable what a difference a lighter bike makes. I could walk it down steps at the Park. If I had tried that with the Monster, she would have taken me down with her. I'm still not loving my riding position on it though, but it's much more tolerable than it was before.

After I returned, I had the miso soup I made last night for breakfast. Traditionally, the Japanese will have miso for breakfast. It used tofu that we got from Lotus in the Strip, miso paste (fermented soy and brown rice) and kelp. I added some non-traditional scallions.
Soupaneuring #3

TYD Miles: 514
BMI: 25.3

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