Thursday, December 5, 2013

Locks of love, baskets of beans.

I set out on a lovely 62 degree morning with some SoupInABasket items to pick up in the Strip.

On the way, I noticed that the padlock tradition that had been going on in Oakland has now migrated to the Clemente Bridge.
This one would match my bike.

Parked at Kaya. Two of the corral racks are painted gold. I’d love to know why.

Picked up some split green peas (yeah, I realize they're not beans!) to make erwtensoep for the Soupaneuring Challenge. I also got some carrots to snack on and  some parsley for balela.

Across the street, a cafĂ©’ caught my eye. Why not sneak in some Coffeeneuring too?

On the way back I encountered Bike Rush Hour!

The WWII memorial is being prepped for dedication. The burlap is down and the memorial is covered.

YTD miles: 475 
Today's BMI: 26.3

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